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Campaign Reports

Stepping Up to a Healthy Lifestyle

The Stepping Up to a Healthy Lifestyle Campaign brought the message "eat healthy and be active" to Food Stamp eligible individuals in 53 counties. 182 partner agencies participated in 2006, and 210 participated in 2005. In 2006, 13,913 adults returned evaluations after a direct educational contact and in 2005, 14,734 returned evaluations. In 2006, 15 nutrition and physical activity evaluation items were averaged and 65% of participants said they would practice the desired behavior "often" after the lesson, compared with 39% who practiced the behavior "often" before the lesson. In 2005, 9 items were averaged and 69% of participants said they would perform the desired behavior more often after the lesson compared to 43% who said they practiced the behavior before the lesson. Local partners reported the campaign's educational materials were well-received by participants and that the campaign strengthened partnering relationships in their county.

2006 report.

2005 report.

WALK, DANCE, PLAY... Be Active Every Day!

WALK, DANCE, PLAY. Be Active Every Day! was conducted in 2003 and 2004. Teams of partner agencies coordinated efforts to encourage Food Stamp eligible caregivers of children to be positive role models for snacking and physical activity. In 2004, campaign partners made 11,036 direct educational contacts with Food Stamp recipients or applicants who were caregivers of children. In addition, over 122,481 members of the target audience received indirect contact via printed materials, TV/radio, or unattended displays. Partners reported that the campaign started, strengthened or expanded relationships among agencies.

2004 report.

2003 report.

Jump 'n' Jive... Come Alive With Fruit!

Campaign Reports

JUMP ‘N JIVE…Come Alive with Fruit was a social marketing and nutrition education campaign. In 2001, the campaign was conducted in 34 counties and directly reached 12,219 adults and 12,880 children through group lessons/activities, interactive displays, or food demonstrations. In addition, over 217,791 people received indirect contact via tip sheets, posters, menu backs, newsletters and newspaper articles, TV/radio, stickers, materials sent to parents/caregivers and “unmanned” displays.

Combining awareness-raising activities and community-based education was successful in promoting more healthful eating behaviors. Campaign 2001 replicated many of the key findings of the 1999 pilot campaign and Campaign 2000. Participating agencies and programs rated the quality of the materials and opportunity for collaboration between partners very highly.

Download final reports from the 1999 pilot, 2000 and 2001 Campaigns:

2001 report.

2000 report.

Pilot Report.

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