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Spring 2012 Updates

Dr. Denise Ney's research and the Waisman Center earned the National Institutes of Health core grant for their PKU research which will provide funding through 2016. Click here to read the article!

Fall 2011 Updates

A huge congratulations are in order for Dr. Dale Schoeller as NUTRITION REVIEWS' citation record revealed that his article entitled "How accurate is self-reported dietary energy intake?", published in October 1990, is number 6 among the top 20 most highly cited articles in the journal's 70-year history! Click here to read the letter of recognition!

Check out our Fall 2011 issue of the Nutritional Sciences Digest!

Professor Emerita Sue Nitzke went shopping with WISCTV news crew and gave out some healthy shopping strategy advice!: Check out the segment!

Dr. Denise Ney's research on PKU diet has entered phase II clinical trials. Please follow this link to read more: PKU Research Update

Spring 2011 Updates

Please check out our Spring 2011 issue of the Nutritional Sciences Digest! We also appreciate hearing from you as changes occur in your career status or your contact information. Please send your updates to Kate Wilmot, our University Services Associate, at or 608-262-2727.

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You may also Click here to view a full PDF copy of the 2009 Nutritional Sciences Department News Letter.


Among the timely topics, here are some highlights:
New evidence on swallowing difficulties and treatment

  • Food insecurity in the US
  • Gluten-free recipes and resources for Celiac disease
  • Health disparities among racial and ethnic groups
  • Strong Women's programs

You may register online or complete a paper registration and send it to the address indicated on the form. You may visit our website for further information.

This conference is sponsored by UW Cooperative Extension, Family Living programs with input from:

  • UW-Madison Department of Nutritional Sciences
  • Wisconsin Dietetic Association
  • UW-Madison Institute on Aging

Please help us reduce our mailing costs and keep this conference affordable for all participants - forward this link to colleagues who may be interested. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information, contact:
Michele Dickinson: 608-265-9101
Karen Miskimen: 608-262-1411
Toll Free: 888-391-4255
Fax: 608-263-7969

Feature Articles

  • Dr. Robert W. Swick, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Nutritional Sciences, passed away Friday, November  11, at age 86. He was a department faculty member (~50% research, ~50% Instruction) almost from the start of the department, and he retired in June, 1989. Along with Alf Harper and Ben Benevenga, Dr. Bob Swick gave UW-Madison a high profile in amino acid and protein metabolism research. He was an early expert in mitochondrial uncoupling and thermogenesis.
  • The Department of Nutritional Sciences is proud of its alumni featured in CALS GROW Magazine. Sheila Cohn Weiss, Jessica Donze Black, Michelle Dudash, Erin Dummert, Leslie Goldman, Erica Lesperance Stelton, Sarah Roller, Mary K. Russell, and Julie Thayer were all recognized for their roles in making a difference in nutrition. Congratulations! Click here to read their featured bios!
  • Click here to view other past feature articles of members in the Department of Nutritional Science.