A prospective transfer student who is not currently enrolled at UW-Madison may be admitted as a Pre-Dietetics (PDI) student.  Students who wish to enter UW-Madison with the PDI classification must apply to the University by February 1 for summer and fall sessions and October 1 for spring admission.  This classification does not guarantee acceptance to the Dietetics Program.  For information on admission as a transfer student to UW-Madison see the following resources:

Course Equivalencies

Depending on the school(s) you have attended, equivalencies for your courses may be listed in one of our online transfer equivalency databases. Students transferring from another UW System school or a Wisconsin Technical College can find freshman- and sophomore-level course equivalencies on the Transfer Information System (TIS). Students attending an out-of-state school should check our Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) for courses frequently transferred. TED will continue to be updated with more courses and colleges as current offerings are evaluated.  You may also talk to your advisor at your CURRENT school about how courses may transfer. 

Academic Advising

Before requesting to meet with an advisor, all students should view the Introduction to Dietetics Presentation. It is recommended that students print a copy of the Introduction to Dietetics Handbook to refer to while viewing the presentation.

Before speaking to an advisor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, you need to obtain an “Evaluation of Transfer Credits” from UW-Madison Admissions Office.  The Department of Nutritional Sciences and their advisors do not have the authority to evaluate your transcript and determine course equivalency.  This can only be completed by the admissions office upon receipt of your application to UW-Madison.  Once you are admitted to UW-Madison as a PDI student, you will be assigned an academic advisor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences who can help you plan your schedule of classes and determine when you are eligible to apply for admission to the B.S. Degree in Dietetics program (ADI classification).  Note:  all students meeting the minimum admission requirements are admitted.  See our Admission Requirements for more details.