Welcome to the Undergraduate Section in the Department of Nutritional Sciences!

Effective Fall 2011: CALS will be offering a single Bachelor of Science Degree to replace the current four general B.S. degrees. Click here for more information on this plan. If you are a continuing CALS student and would like to switch to the new college curriculum requirements, visit the CALS Curriculum Changeover page.

Students interested in pursuing the Global Health Certificate should visit the Global Health Institute's website for more information.

Nutrition is the science in which biology, chemistry. and social sciences meet to study and explain metabolic pathways for nutrients, therapies for diseases, and food habits and customs.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Nutritional Sciences Introduction to Dietetics Handbook offers undergraduates a choice of 2 degrees that reflect theses areas of nutrition:




This program provides the student with the course work needed for a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics with a major in Nutritional Sciences. Upon graduation, the student is qualified to apply for a dietetic internship. At the completion of the B.S. and the Dietetic Internship program, the student is eligible to take the American Dietetic Association (ADA) examination leading to certification as a Registered Dietitian (R.D.)


Natural Sciences

This degree is focused on the natural sciences necessary for a solid background in the biological aspects of Nutrition. A Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences with a major in Nutritional Sciences prepares a student for work in research laboratories, food and nutrition industries, or experimental stations. This degree provides an excellent foundation for graduate study, medical school, and health-related careers in nursing and nutrition.