Nutritional Sciences 332 - Human Nutritional Needs

Spring 2008-2009 – corrected 1-23-09


Lectures: 8:50-9:40 MWF (Room 270, Soil Sci)

Open Disc/help session: Tues. 4:00 pm, Rm 190, Nutritional Sciences


Instructor: Dale A. Schoeller, PhD -, office hours by appointment.

Co-lecturer: Guy Groblewski, PhD –, office hours by appointment.

Co-lecturer: Eric Yen, PhD –  , office hours by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Amanda Ganser,, Open discussion period: T 4:00p, NS190, other office hours by appointment (preferred time is right after lecture).

Teaching Intern: Scott Messenger,, office hours, M, W 3:30-4:30p, NS227

Textbook: Perspectives in Nutrition, 8th ed, Byrd-Bredbenner et al, McGraw-Hill Co.

Course notes: Bobís Copy Shop on Randall.

Course web site:


Course objectives: The course provides an introduction to the principles and concepts of nutritional science. The course will emphasize human nutritional needs and encompass the fields of medicine, biochemistry, physiology, dietetics, food science, and social science as they apply to the role of nutrition on human growth, cell function and health. It is expected that you will gain knowledge of the mechanisms of nutrient functions in the body. This will include an understanding of the nutrient content of foods, the biochemical processes by which they are digested, absorbed, transported and metabolized in the body, as well as the chemical functions nutrients perform within tissues in order to maintain normal cell growth and homeostasis. You will also increase your understanding of the roles of specific nutrients in a balanced diet for the promotion of optimal health.


Examinations and Assignments: All exams will be based on material from the lectures and reading assignments. There will be three, one-hour, exams during the term and a two-hour final exam. The exams during the term are scheduled during the regular class period in the regular lecture room as per the attached schedule. They will cover the material presented in the lectures indicated. The final exam will be on the date and time as indicated on the attached schedule. The room will be announced when we receive the assignment. The final exam will consist of two parts. One part will cover the lectures from the last quarter of the semester and the second part will be cumulative and cover material from the entire semester. Exams will be composed largely of multiple choice plus some matching and true/false questions.


If you have a conflict with the exam schedule or if special exam conditions are required, you must contact Dr. Schoeller in person one week prior to the exam. Exams will be in the evening. Room is TBA



Exams 1-3 = 100 points each               300

Final exam = 200 points                                  

            Exam 4                                    100

            Cumulative                              100

Project 1 (food labels)                          50

Project 2 (diet analysis)                        50

                                    Total                600


The points will be totaled and the percentage will be calculated based on 600 points and graded as follows: A>90%, AB 87-89.9%, B 80-86.9%, BC 77-79.9%, C 70-76.9%, D 60-69.9%.


Projects 1 and 2 are due at the end of class as indicated on the attached schedule. There will be a 5% penalty for each day the assignment is late.