Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences


Prerequisites for the IGPNS Ph.D. degree have been established to ensure that prospective students have an adequate preparation for graduate studies. All students are required to have completed:

  1. General Chemistry (2 semesters with laboratory)
  2. Organic Chemistry (2 semesters; only 1 semester for Human Nutrition)
  3. Analytical Chemistry (1 semester)
  4. Mathematics including college algebra and trigonometry and 1 semester of calculus (or statistics for Human Nutrition)
  5. Biochemistry (1 semester course with organic chemistry prerequisite)
  6. Nutrition Course (with a Biochemistry prerequisite)
  7. Biological Sciences (2 semesters)
  8. Physiology Course with a Biology prerequisite (1 semester)
  9. Biochem & Molec. Nutrition also requires 3 courses of a quantative lab. Animal Nutrition also requires an animal nutrition course.

Students who have not completed all of the prerequisites may be accepted into the program but must complete them within their first year. A Master's degree is not a prerequisite for the Ph.D. program.